Expected Outcomes

Academic Outcomes

  • Presentations at international conferences.
  • Research articles to be published in leading international peer-reviewed academic journals.
  • An international conference in Trento, at the end of the project, to present and discuss the project’s main findings with reputed scholars from various disciplines.
  • A methodological guidebook on how to use statistical learning techniques to integrate various, heterogeneous data sources for the study of socio-economic inequalities in contemporary societies across the globe.
  • A special issue in a top field journal about innovative methods to measure inequality of opportunity across disciplines.
  • Two PhD theses on topics related to the project. The dissertations are expected to provide original contributions to the definition, measurement and drivers of inequality of opportunity and poverty.

Communication of Research Findings

  • Non-academic reports targeted at national and international policymakers with evidence-based policy recommendations.
  • A website with interactive maps showing internal heterogeneity of poverty and inequality of opportunity in the countries under study and the option to download the various indicators produced in this project.
  • Regular media and social media communications to disseminate the key findings of the project.